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Poor kid. Poor, poor, poor kid.


I like how you can capture movement!

Again, it's quite deflating when desperate people have nowhere else to go. I wish there was a more equitable distribution of wealth across the world.

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that is quite sad.. with her condition, i can only try to understand the despair she's feeling..


j'ose une remarque pour une fois: l'exorcisme ne guérit pas ce genre de maladie. Dramatique sidney, difficile à faire face. Respect encore une fois. Ces photos ne se commentent pas, c'est au-delà de ça.


Pourvu que çà marche... Dieu merci !


It is sad to think of someone having a defect that could be cured but the money needed is not available.
I'm afraid this is typical of people all over the world. Excellent series with some interesting motion recoded.


Wonderful series of shots and it must have been such an emotional and draining experience for sure


Une belle continuité de cet excellent reportage!
Bonne journée


Interestingly sequence good reportage, bravo!


It's sad when people have these problems and the operation can not be paid for. They grab every little chance they have. Great photography.


Interestingly sequence, have never seen this before, well documented!


amother perfect report for this interesting set


un superbe reportage !


des gros plans sur les visages qui mériteraient une belle expo -la misère quand meme nous en crée des folies terrestres!!! j aime bien tes plans sauvages et volés, plans rapprochés, déformation, je sais que tu ne les travailles pas mais le resultat est extra pour cette série: du réalisme absolu- bah oui, je t envie - je vais revenir-

SD (Aspherical)

This has been quite a series following Master Anos. I like in the third photograph down, how you've captured the motion of his foot, while Jenefer lies still. Quite a sad story.


this is sad to hear about people not able to afford surgery. i hope Master Amos is able to help Jenefer. i like the photograph of the feet by her head as well. the sense of movement and hard work is so evident in this one. and in the last one with the thorn (wire) and statue i can feel the fatigue of this work for Master Amos and also the photographer.

joshi daniel

so was he able to cure her?


i can see a placebo curing cancer, but not a heart defect.. i like the shot with his feet blurred walking around her

Z Joya

busy, busy. i wonder how much he gets for this "job":)

The Nomadic Pinoy

Looking at your series, I can see how busy Master Anos is. Does he ever get tired seeing so many people? Exorcism looks very draining emotionally and physically.


La 2 est extra , le visage avec l'expression de la situation et le teeshirt qui est décalé dans la cérémonie .Ca nous indique le coté populaire et naturelle de ces actes

Otto K.

I can imagine that it was depressing listening to these people at the end of their ropes. wonderful series.


it's sad that the health system cannont help someone with such a problem
let's hope 'magic' will help somehow
excellent reportage - as always

Photo Cache

No offense but my dearest friend had a heart condition that required open heart surgery when we were 22-25 years old. She already had a surgery date but for the heck of it we decided to visit one of the quack docs in the next town. He told her some mumble jumble that made no sense. Well no harm done I suppose but from that time on whatever little faith I had was gone. I am not saying that I will never believe again, but we'll see.

Great series btw and the b/w application is appropriate.


A great report…

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